Why Do Dogs Howl?

Dogs howl as a form of communication, expressing their emotions and intentions. Whether it's to seek attention, interact with fellow canines, or merely announce their presence, []

How To Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

Nothing is better than frolicking outside with your dog on a summer day! It’s important to note that dogs can overheat very easily compared to humans, []

Help – My Dog Is Eating Poop!

Dogs are known to do some gross things occasionally, like drinking toilet water or peeing inside, and we love them all the same. Noticing your precious []

Do Dogs Smile?

You’ve heard of puppy dog eyes, but what about a ‘good boy grin’? Yes, dogs can smile, but what lies behind those heartwarming expressions? Our BlogOur []

Dog Body Language

It’s easy to get caught up in the very human world of words and commands – in fact, most dogs do a great job of understanding []

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

He’s man’s best friend, your buddy, and pal, but what do you do when your precious pooch suffers from separation anxiety? This debilitating condition is a []

When Do Dogs Stop Growing?

Dogs are the beloved companions of millions of people around the world. They bring joy, comfort, and love to our lives, so it's no surprise that []

How to Stop Your Dog From Scratching the Door

Dogs are loyal companions and bring joy to our lives, but sometimes their behaviour can be challenging. One common problem dog owners face is their furry []

What Plants Are Toxic To Dogs?

As a dog owner, have you ever wondered what plants are toxic to dogs? We love our precious pups but do we know how to keep []

Is It Cruel To Keep My Dog Outdoors?

New pet owners are often faced with conflicting advice about whether or not it is cruel to keep a dog outdoors. Dogs are social animals who []

The Pros And Cons Of Pet Doors

Owning a pet comes with responsibilities. On top of giving your pets healthy food and lots of love and affection, you also need to make sure []

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